We, at Perceptionyst Solutions, build Innovative Solutions for your Business' Customer Engagement, so that you can hear from your Customers and serve them better

Why only scan a QR code for payments? Let's take it a level up.

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How We Work

We first pinpoint challenges and issues that need resolution, simultaneously laying the groundwork for problem-solving

We dive deep into the identified bottlenecks which help us to dissect their causes, impacts, and underlying factors for a better understanding

We craft innovative solutions that directly address the analyzed problems, leveraging creativity and expertise to design effective remedies

Lastly, we showcase the developed solutions, and how to implement them strategically for you


We at Perceptionyst Solutions, identify efficiency in Business processes and help to build Solutions that improve your Cost Efficiency, Speed, Time, Productivity, Results, and most importantly, Happiness.

And how did we arrive at this motive?

Well, we identified that, in our day-to-day routine, we come across various processes that we undertake consciously and unconsciously as a way of life. However, there is always an avenue to make the process more efficient. One needs to have the right Perception to identify how a process can be made more efficient, thus Perceptionyst Solutions was born.

To be the preferred solution for businesses who seek to achieve success paired with efficiency

To address Business challenges through Customer engagement, happiness cultivation, and loyalty development



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Latest Updates

October 2023 - Perceptionyst Solutions is proud to be the newest addition to the DST, Govt of India NIDHI-EIR Cohort 1 Program, Facilitated by FiiRE, Goa

May 2023 - Supported by Forum of Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship (FiiRE), Located at Don Bosco College Campus, Fatorda, Margao, Goa

November 2023 - We were a part of INEX INDIA 2023 organised by Indian Innovators Association and IBS Global, Poland from 9 November 2023 to 11 November 2023 at Don Bosco College of Engineering, Margao, Goa

December 2023 - During the festive ambiance of the Christmas Party at FiiRE, a significant moment unfolded with the soft launch of FiiRE's QR code by Rev. Fr. Kinley D'Cruz, highlighting an important collaboration with Perceptionyst Solutions LLP. The introduction of the QR code marks a milestone in streamlining access to FiiRE's services, enhancing connectivity, and fostering innovation within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

March 2024 - We took on a major project from the GDP Foundation.
Our goal: crafting a QR code to cover all services offered by GNI, a platform for retired or senior individuals seeking jobs matching their skills. This initiative reflects our dedication to inclusive employment solutions, driving economic empowerment and social inclusion.

May 2024 - We secured a project from SPC, a government-supported initiative. Our job is to combine all their services—like the Founders Club, First Fridays, Masterclass, and others—into one QR code. This reflects our commitment to creating effective technology solutions for government projects, making important resources easily accessible and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the community.

June 2024 - Our Solution, the ‘Startup & IT Promotion Cell QR Code’ for Goa Startup Cell has been featured in “The Echo” - Goa’s Monthly Startup Newsletter, Volume 10, May 2024 issued by The Startup & IT Promotion Cell, Goa which has been viewed about 150 times with an average engagement time of 5 minutes in the first 4 weeks of implementation with limited visibility.